CRF110F to race against 65 two strokes

I`m just curious if someone ever tried this



I know it's should take a lot of money to be competitive against this race bike, but I'm a real Honda die hard fan and this could be a project for my child bike



I did light research this evening and this is the parts I found interesting from BBR





Air filter

132 cc Big bore kit

18 mm carb


Also plan some weight reduction like, remove the starter and battery


But some others parts still missing or get too much unclear option like


Front fork

Manual clutch

Front disk brake

Rear shock




Some have idea or exemple ?

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Sounds like a cool plan, but most places won't let you race a 110 fourstroke in a 65 class.  In fact, if the track follows AMA rules, its not even a listed bike.


Before you do anything, check your local racing organization to see what classes are open to the CRF110.  


And this is just my opinion, but to make that bike competitive against a 65 isn't going to be possible within most track rules.  65s are race bikes, not trail bikes like the 110s.   For kids, the racing community is set up to start out on PW and CRF50s, then they move up to the KTM and Cobra 50s (two-strokes), and from there the 65s, 85s, super minis, etc.  However, your local track may have something different set up and a little more user friendly to play-bikes.


Just check before you dump a bunch of cash in to something only to realize it was for nothing.


Best of luck.

In our regional circuit the rules is flex, exept if the bike really overcome  the 65 I don't think this will be a problem. I'm in Canada so we don't follow the AMA rules


I really hate KTM and Cobra isn't sell in my area

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Amen brother.  I will never drink the orange cool aid either.  Tracks with loose rules for the kids is common down here.  Its the parents that usually get a little bent at certain things and modifications.


Well heck, the biggest thing I would say is suspension.  Its a trail bike so you need to beef it up a bit to deal with the jumps.  stiffer springs at a minimum, but there are full after market swingarms and forks that will bolt on.  Look at Ebay and BBR motorsports.


The engine can get a little more with a few mods at home.  Replace the stock air filter with a foam pod.  rejet the bike up on the main and pilot.  at the very least remove the end cap on the exhaust and replace it or cut it off to open up flow.  if you want more, and money is no limit, there are the big bore kits and full aftermarket exhausts.


I think the biggest thing besides suspension would be tires.  the stock ones are great for trails, but not for a track (as you already know).  Even for these little bikes.  Look at some other tires with more aggressive tread.  I wont even open up the can of worms on what to get, so ask around locally or just get the smaller version of what you like for the big bikes.


Finally, teach you son or daughter how to ride.  If you are not a motocross rider, start, and become a student of the game.  Basic body postion (attack position, getting up off the pegs, foot out in the turn (explain why you do that and don't just tell them to do it).  Don;t lean back in the corners.  shifting (important even on an auto clutch).  and jumps.  You gotta find a place to start small and work up on the jumps.  Not sure if they have something set up for the kids, but as you know, not teaching them how to handle jumps can be, well, painful, just like we have all learned at one point (a buddy of mine names jumps at different tracks for the hospital room number he ended up in).  


I am sure there are a few other things, but try that for starters.  I would say the biggest ones being springs, tires, and learning how to ride MX.


Its a ton of fun to take the lads out on race day and run with them. 


Also plan some weight reduction like, remove the starter and battery


Something to think about before you do this:  make sure that Jr. can start the bike reliably with the kick starter.  Four strokes are harder to kick over than two strokes.  My kids had a heck of a time getting the 50, 70 and 80 started by themselves.  They don't weigh much for their size and while they could get the kick starter through the full stroke, they couldn't spin the engine fast enough to get it to light off in most cases. .

Yes its sure I'll check this before, but thank for the advice

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