Trail Riding Suspension Setting

Ive got an xr400 and I ride pretty rough and rocky trails, I ride sand occasionally. I weigh roughly 200lbs, I was just curious what kind of settings you guys that trail ride run. I have played around with it but don't notice a huge difference.

Xrs are great bikes but lack suspension IMO, I'd recommend getting a ktm 250-300 exc/xcw since they are great bikes with great suspension suitable to these conditions.

The front end on the 400 is under sprung, and makes the bike ride stink bug and downright scary for a heavier rider. It is sprung stupidly soft, like for a 150 pound rider. It really likes to tuck the front end on downhills.

Respring the front forks for your weight, call racetech, new springs are like $100.

The rear linkage and shock works great on the trail, it is set up stock for an appx 180 pound rider. Once you do the forks, add some preload to get your race sag set properly.

Guys who say the XR doesn't have suspension don't know what they are talking about.

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