DRZ400SM popping and very hot after 3x3 mod and rejet. HELP PLEASE!

Hey guys,


I have a foam filter, MRD SSW, just cut the 3x3 hole, and installed a 160 main and 25 pilot. After warming up the bike feels like its going to burn up and is back firing on decel. I just had these jets but do not have a needle with the position adjustments. Do you think that is my issue? Any suggestions help thanks!

It sounds like its running lean. Did you put richer or leaner jets in? Also has the temp dropped at all where you live?


Adjusting the needle clip can richen/lean the majority of the throttle, i'd try adjusting that a position or two and see if it gets any better.

Thanks for the reply Dan. As I stated I only have the stock needle and I did not see any adjustment like a JD kit has. I've only cut the 3x3 hole, added the MRD SSW, twin air filter, and used the 160m and 25p jets. I feel like pulling the fuel screw plug out and adding the extended fuel screw and dropping back to a 22.5 pilot might allow me to tune the back fire and what seems to be excessive engine heat. I am not sure though and am hesitant to ride the bike with how hot it feels just warming up

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