New 2012 wr450 will not start at all...

Brand new bike and I wanted to ride it this weekend but it won't start, I can smell the gas, it seems to immediately flood itself, I am in Calgary so I'm running at a high altitude....

Spent several hours kicking And hitting the electric start but nothing, seems like there also isn't quite nough juice to get it to turnover fast enough, but it's a brand new fully charged ballistic battery...

Any ideas, I heard they re tough to hot start but I can't get it to cold start even.


Did it run at the dealer ?

Have you checked fuses ?

Is the check engine light flashing or on ?

Can you hear the fuel pump running ?

Are you pulling out the hot start button ?

Does it have spark ?

Mine starts in 3 kicks dead cold. Its fuel injected. Altitude shouldn't have anything to do with it. I suspect it takes 3 kicks to charge the condensor.

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Turn the throttle wide open, and leave it there.

With the ignition off, kick the bike through a dozen times

Turn the throttle off, turn on ignition.

Turn up the idle knob one half turn.


Start er up.


Now, purchase the GYTR ecu and mapper that your dealer should have convinced you to buy.



Starting your new bike will require the GYTR parts.

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