cam shafts

does anyone know if you can put 450 cams with auto decompression in a 426 without 


Yes you can. I put my 06YZ450 Ex. cam into my buddies 01 YZ426 over 2yrs ago and it still works great. Don't worry about the alignment dots on the Ex. Cam. Make sure the lobe is facing out.

If you use a cam originally made for a YZ450, you'll have to use a modified timing procedure:


You're currently both money and ease of installation ahead to use a cam by Hot Cams or another aftermarket source that was built with the same auto decomp system but made expressly for a 426.  With that, you simply drop it in as if it were stock.

I have an 01 426. Can anybody tell me if I can just replace the exhaust cam with a hotcam auto decompress (and not the intake cam)? Will I have to make any other mods?

Yes you can, no you won't.

Thank you, grey racer, I appreciate your succinct answers.

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