Rich jetting? Really need help!

Hey guys!! Im in real need of some jetting help. My bike is a 2006 Ktm 125sx.

The bike idles great when its cold started. When it gets hot, it barely even idles. It bogs bad in low rpm. You cant get the holeshot, you have to wring it to the powerband to get any power. I tried adjusting air screw, didint help much. I have tons of spooge, and when started the amount of smoke is crazy. I mix 35:1 so its not insanely rich mix. Im planning on getting some jets tommorow. Which sizes should i order. I have stock now (188 main, 42 pilot) everytime i pull the plug is wet and pure black at the top. Im almost 100% sure its rich jetting. So please help pick what jets im thinking 185, 182 and 180. And then 40, 38 pilot. Any help is appreciated! I would like to rejet by long weekend (friday) as im going riding.

It sounds like you have a worn out crank seal that is leaking, with all that spooge on stock jetting....

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