Mikuni TM Series Carburetor Help

I have a Sudco Mikuni TM Series Carb and there is gas leaking out the overflow line. :doh:


Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?? :excuseme:


The pic will take you to a link that has my video on it.


Any help is welcome.


THANK YOU :rolleyes:



Welcome..See this picture..I've put a green circle around a part that is in the carb and above the float.or in this case in the float by the look of it..that picture is simply an example..your carbs setup may be slightly different,,they all however have float valves...It will be had it..replace it with a new one..Don't worry about where those hoses go..down to the bottom of the engine is where they point..The part in green is the float valve,,that needs replacing..Someone like Sudco or Jetrus probably has them..You'd nned to know the exact model of your carb and quote it to them or find the valve on their website using knowhow..Sudco actually has a pdf doc on all those carbs and parts for them,,head over there and download it..the valves in there somewhere..I can't really id the part without knowing the exact type of carb and it;s size..



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Sometimes the float valve may appear fine, but you still have overflow. Mine looked ok, but occasionally once or twice a week the carb bowl would overflow.  I replaced both the seat and float valve together, something like $22 and the problem ceased.

The photo didn't work but I think I know what you're talking about.


Thanks for the help.

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