1987 xr200r worth fixing?

So I bought a 87 xr200r for 200.00, it needed a clutch cable.  After getting this fixed the bike is running rough like its timing or something is off.  So with me being new to the whole bike thing and this being my first ever bike, my question is, is this worth fixing given that I only spent 200.00 on it?  The rest of the bike is in pretty good shape.  Would it be easier to try and find another engine for it or fix the existing one?  Also last question is, if this motor is shot then what other motors could fit into this bike besides obviously the one that came with it?  I know these questions are pretty generic since you dont know what is wrong with my bike but I am looking for opinions because I am completely new to these.

You need to open it up and find out whats wrong. Dirty carb, out of spec valves? You cant condemn/judge a motor without knowing its condition.Unless its knocking, its probably good.

Jump into it man. Look at it as a learning experience and not as a dirt bike. Trust me, once you get into it and really starting learning, you won't stop. But an actual factory manual for it though. If your going to be doing anything with this bike you want the real thing..


 Good luck to you!





The engine alone will sell for (or cost) $400 on ebay.

Worth fixing????? depends...

A good running XR200 will sell for about $500 - $700 on Craigslist.

$200 is about right for a non running XR200.

99% of the time its just a clogged Pilot Jet... 10 minutes and no cost to fix.

I buy these type bikes all the time off Craigslist here local for $50 to $200.

Adjust the clutch cable, clean the carb (Pilot Jet) and it's good to go.

Some I re-sell local, others I part out.

I make $200 to $500 if I re-sell the whole bike, $400 to $700 if I part it out but that takes longer.

My 2 ¢

My '02 XR 200 was stumbling just past 1/2 throttle. Today I tore apart the carb, cleaned it, put it back together....took about an hour. I just followed the directions chuck posted a while back.....of course I rode it around the block like a hooligan..runs like a champ. I'll bump Chuck's thread for ya!

well I went and got a few books and started tearing into it...found the timing was off pretty bad and someone wrapped the coil wire around the connector instead of putting a new connector on it so not sure if it was making intermitten connection or what but I fixed it anyways.  Going to put the motor back in the bike this week and see what happens.  Thanks for the replies.

And ? So what was the outcome of your "Learning Experience ? Enquiring minds want to know..haha

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