kx front fender on an xr?

i fell in love with the looks of this 2013 kx250f after seeing it on the showroom floor.




anyone ever messed around with kawasaki front fenders?



Fronts are easy, if it fits it works. you might have to move a couple of the holes over a bit or make bigger, trim some off the back, my CRF fenders hit the frame in back so have to trim some off.

But otherwise it's a hunk of plastic hanging from 4 bolts. 

Rears get much more bike specific to fit around frames and batteries and such.  so matching that with a rear might be tough (or not) or impossible.  And if you don't then you won't match the color.

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i only want to change my front fender to that green one, the rest stay black, and i want to either find some green decals for the gas tank, or paint some design on it (its a metal tank). and then get the seat upholstered with green on the sides. green really catches my eye. 



ah, that is sharp. 

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