83 xl 600 throttle cable

took throttle apart at grip to grease. What is the trick to reassemble.

Patience and work..You also don't grease throttle assemblies,,you use something like CRC..The housing and cables are a pig to get re set if you pull them from the assembly..Try disconnecting the cables at the carb end and connecting at the handlebar housing first..No trick to it,,it's a rubics cube job that housing even if you've done it a dozen times..

You'll have to make patience your friend.  Or you'll loose your mind trying to do it.


When i first got my 86 xl600r last year my throttle stuck bad, i  took it apart and cleaned it up with some wd40 and then used silicone to lube it up.  It was kind of tough getting it back together but it worked out.  Just have to figure out which cable goes on which side.

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