light bar on a yz250 ?

i have an 2001 yz250 i want to put a light on it this winter im curious if anyone has put a led light bar on and what kind of electronics other than a lighting stator i might need my plan is to get a 4 or 6 inch light bar and mount it between the forks behind my number plate (cut a hole in plate) and recess it so harder to damage in a crash .

not sure if i posted this in the wrong section but ive found steahly off road offers a stator with a 30 watt outputt i am curious if that would be enough to power 1 or two rigid industries dually 2x2 spot leds

Your bike has no way to run them and there are no stators available to allow you to run them. You will have to power them via battery that gets recharged at home.

steahly off road offers a sprx 30watt lighting stator for 170$ anyone have any experience with theese . its claiming 30watts and the lights i want only pull 20watts


The stator you are reffering  to puts about about 20 watts at 5000rpm, I recently bought one for YZ450 which is basically the same stator and tested it. The lights you want to run require DC power. Stators put out AC. In order run LED lighting you have to have the lights run from a battery, which will give you the DC power. Then you would set the stator up to charge the battery. The problem is you would be drawing more power out of the battery than the stator is capable of putting back into the battery, so the battery will never charge. Also when you take a stator output and run it through a rectifier/regulator to charge a battery you loose some of the stator power when converting it from AC to DC.

I think there is member here that makes a 180 watt external kit?

yeah i have doone a little more research i might just get a rechargeable 12v battery pack or two and mount them in the air box and just charge the batterys when i go night riding i could probly get 3 ish hours out of some of the packs i found owell .anyone have any setups they have done ?

I just installed a 35w stator, rectifier regulator, and battery on my 00 yz250 and run a 7" 30w light bar works real good


I just installed a 35w stator, rectifier regulator, and battery on my 00 yz250 and run a 7" 30w light bar works real good

That’s sweet.

Where did you get the mounts?

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