200XC On Moto Track



Woods rider on a muddy MX track so don't make fun of my moto skills lol.  Yes the bike does fine as long as you hit the landings.  

XCs work great for MX. Its fun passing people on a 2 stroke trail bike. I have mine setup for mx, but kept the 18" rear and the XC cdi, I love it, but will be getting a brand new 250SX for my next bike.

Nice video. The track looks like a lot of fun.

I ride my 200 xcw on the motocross track to. I enjoy all aspects of riding dirt bikes.

Thanks, it's my buddys track behind a small farm here in Wisconsin.  It needs a little work here and there but it is a lot of fun.  A couple of those jumps are 70-80 feet long.  The one I wasn't clearing (landing on top of) is 90 feet and it seems only guys on 450s can clear it out of the corner.  My suspension is really soft but it is OK as long as you don't flat land.  I do have a motocross bike but brought out the 200 for fun cuz I can lol.

Awesome video man. Here is me almost a year ago on a 07 200xcw I had. This is at a sand track. The hard packed tracks are tough

Nice ridin! I like the sand track too. Very cool.

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