250 gasket for a 280?

thinking about doing a top end rebuild for my 280f. so its a 250f sxf by the way with a vertex 280 big bore kit so it's not a stroker. its a 79.96mm bore piston as apposed to the normal 77.96mm bore piston. i cant find any specifically sized 280 cylinder gaskets. so will these 250 size gaskets fit the 280 cylinder if they don't can i cut them to size or is that dumb. my last query is then the brand of gasket that i buy will Athena gaskets work for example as its a vertex cylinder any input will be much appreciated


thanks in advance

last thing should i use the 77.97mm piston size as the cylinder has been had a piston life through it

You need the right gaskets , I think ebay has them , cylinder works sells them

I had a big bore kit about six years ago and would do just what you suggested.  Head gaskets were $45 bucks plus shipping so I would reuse the gaskets ring and top/bottom plates from the big bore gasket with the inner (crush) part of a new stock gasket that had the bore ground out to fit the big bore ring.  It worked great but I am not recommending it unless it is a last resort or you are a irrepressible cheapskate like me...

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