Honda cr125 bored to 144

My 1996 CR125 had been bored to a 144, does anyone know if I have to make any changes with anything else i.e carb etc...?

Any help appreciated!

im sure theres a ton of info on jetting specs for the 144 kit its pretty popular for that motor, other than that id say your all set

You don't have to change carbs but a PWK airstriker from a 99-00 cr250 really wakes that motor up. 

Agreed,though i havent pit mine on yet i found a pwk carb off ebay for $100 off a 2001 yz250, cant wait to get mine on

I didn't like that my Honda seemed to lose some rev. I put the bigger carb on and used two base gaskets

I don't remember the exact jets I used with the stock carb but I did make it a little richer. Maybe a size or two up on the main. Sorry I can't be more specific. who did your cylinder work?

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