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Newby CRF50 Owner. Question about throttle limiter

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Hi All,


I just bough a CRF50 from a friend. I am buying this for my 5 year old to learn to ride and have a few quesitons\concerns...


So it's a 2000 CRF50 with the 88cc big bore kit aftermarket rear shock and extended forks. He says there is no longer a throttle limiter and in frist gear it is fine for the kids but once they shift watch out... His boy went flying through the desert like superman when the throttle stuck wide open, I do not want to repeat that with my boy on the bike...


So, is there an aftermarket or replacement throttle limiter that I can put on the bike? He says the throttle stuck wide open because the carb is all gunked up, does that sound right?


I am mechanically inclined but am completely new to the world of dirt bikes. I'll search the forms but would appreciate some feedback on this specific question.


I am paying $200.00 which I assume is a killer deal, any idea what it is probably worth? Cosmetically the bike looks excellent.




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