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2007 KLX110 exhaust valve issue (Broken Spring)?

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I have a 110 with a BBR143 kit. I believe its the stock head. Anyway, the other morning, during warm up, I heard a "sproing" and then quite a bit of ticking coming from the bottom (exhaust valve). I took the cover off and the clearance was WAY off. Like it got backed way off somehow. The bike has ran perfect for months and has never had this sound before.

Here is where it gets strange. I set the clearance to .004 -.005 but when set like that, I get NO compression and the bike will not start. I also notice that I can actually press the valve in with my finger and there is hardly any resistance unlike the intake valve. Under the "tapper" it seems as if I can see some of the spring. Should this be the case? Is it possible for it to actually run with a broken spring? Either way, Unless I have the clearance way way backed out at like .020 or more, It will not start, It is like the valve is being held open.

Either way, Just thought I would ask these questions before taking the head off. I do need to take the head off to replace the springs correct?

Thanks in advance.


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