Running ruff?

Hi, I rebuilt my top end on my 99 RM250 last week and all went well, I don't know if this is me just being paranoid but it doesn't seem to sound right when it's running it sounds poppy if that's the right word to use :) I've put a vid on of it running for a few seconds! Was wondering if anyone could tell me what you think, sorry it takes so long to get started, I was stuck in a bush lol



When did you notice the feathers?



I don't notice any abnormal "popping" it sounds fine. . The extra popping u might be hearing could be the extra compression from a new piston. . I did notice you were never in the R's. make that bike sing!

like Bay said, it may sound "poppy" since the new piston added compression. it may be a bit rich on the jetting but its really hard to tell when you have the engine at such low rpm.

Thanks guys, fill atop better now, I couldn't really go for it, I was following my boy around, was only his second time out on his bike

 I would guess rich on the bottom end too.  Check out the FAQ at the top of the forum on jetting and you should be able to clean it up.  It helped me when I did my 02 and now it runs great at all rpms.

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