1991 suzukie rm 125 no clutch resistance

okay so my dad was riding my bike he went over those dirt waves and the chain fell off so we put it back on next thing we know the clutch has no resistance. Could this be the spring? please help.

 The clutch has no resistance at the lever?  Broken cable or stripped gear on actuator arm.  The clutch wont grab and make the bike go?  cable too tight, weak springs, broken/worn clutch plates.

Also one thing tail ender forgot a broken clutch hub or worn pressure plate will also give you no to little resistance. But you haven't given us much to work with.

okay well like when i pull the level in it doesnt pop back out like its suppose to, and when i pull it in and try to shift down to first gear it like grinds or something it makes a weird noise. thats pretty much all the info i can give. i took the cover off the side of the bike im going to take a look at the springs. How do i tell if its the springs or the pressure plate or the rod? that will be helpful information. please and thanks

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