Put on your big boy pants.


I'd like to get one more alpine ride in this season before the snow hits. There are a few "trails" (I use that term loosely) that may or may not be on the map that cross very technical rock sections over mountain peaks. I was up there on Saturday with my wife, but I wasn't about to make her drag her high-strung YZF any further through that hell. We turned around where we lost the trail, but the map shows it continuing along the ridge. I'd like to make it to the lake that is a few miles from where I last made it. 


I am opening this invitation to anyone who has enough experience in this type of terrain and thinks they won't be holding up the group. Please be honest with your abilities and respect this request. A trials bike would be perfect, but there are about 20-25 miles of high-speed FS roads to get to the good stuff that might make a trials bike uncomfortable and out of gas. I'd like to keep a small group, maybe open to the first 4 who respond. The plan is to head up there next weekend (Sat, Oct. 12 preferably, weather - and wife's permission - pending). The days are getting short, so I'd like to get an early start. (Maybe meet over there around 6 or 7?) The location is over towards, but not technically in, the Silver Valley, ID.


If you choose to go, you have to accept the fact that you will be following a bone-stock, 13 year-old, air-cooled bike with a rider who has carpel tunnel so bad he can barely make it 10 minutes without shaking feeling back into his hands. If you are cool with that, then let's do this!


There will be plenty of....


240 views and no takers? :excuseme: 


I'll post some pics to show you what you missed. 

Proximity excluded me from this adventure.  I need to carve out an Idaho trip next season.

240 views and no takers? :excuseme:


I'll post some pics to show you what you missed. 

I am game but to much of a road trip for a one day ride. Waiting for the pics!

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