PW50 won't start, runs great otherwise...?

My daughter's PW50 started getting hard to start, but would it fire right up with a little shot of ether, and then ran fine after that.  I checked the compression and it was down around 90 psi, so I put a new topend on it (including new cylinder and head) last week, but it is still acting exactly the same. 


I've cleaned the carb twice, and it has a brand new air filter and coil on it.  Spark is strong and plug is a nice tan color.  I pulled the flywheel off last night, and the crank seal looks okay. 


I'm planning on checking the reeds tonight.  Any other ideas?  I don't understand why it would run great but not want to start. 



I know you cleaned your carb twice but I can't help think there is something clogging your pilot jet.  Did you use compressed air?


Another trick is to put the jets in a boiling pot of water and let them simmer a while.  This will liquify the gunk that is likely causing the issue. 


Hopefully one of our Pdub experts will chime in soon. 


Good luck

Yes, I have a compressor and a rubber tipped blower.  Verified daylight thru the jets, plus it idles fine once it's warmed up a bit.


I got the reeds out tonight (had to pull the motor out of the frame to get to them), and the reeds themselves look fine, but there was no gasket on the motor side of the reed block!  Just ordered a gasket, should be here this week.  I'll post results.

Worth noting that this is an '82 motor, so it's been thru several owners by now. 

i know you you checked the spark plug, but did you change it?

Spark plug has about an hour on it now.  It wouldn't start without ether when I first put the new plug in. 

Pull off the pipe and try to start it. the pipe can get clogged up and make it hard to start. Also right in the cylinder just outside the port before where the pipe bolts on carbon builds up making it hard to start. I seen two PW's do that, just a thought.

The whole jug is new, and the pipe looks pretty much new inside from what I can see looking down the inlet.  The pipe and most of the rest of the bike except the motor is from a clean '03 donor.  Can't try to start it again 'til the new reeds come in. I was wrong about the reed gasket BTW - the gasket was actually there, but it was so old that it looked like part of the motor.  The reeds weren't totally seated against the plate, so I went ahead and ordered a new reed block too.  It's handy that the parts for this thing are so cheap and abundant - it's not expensive to just throw parts at it.  ;)   


Should I go ahead and disable the "start" function on the kill switch?  What's the best way to do that?  It seems to work fine, but it'd be nice to be able to goose the throttle as soon as it fires. 

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