All USFS "Recreation Sites" closed now.


Unbelievable.  Isn't the whole forest a "recreation site?"  Enforcement might be interesting.  People going to be evicted from cabins, prevented from driving FS roads?  Campgrounds padlocked, hunters among the hunted?

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it is  just to mess with us 


they not only closed the lakes in AZ  they didn't put up signs down the road   so people are getting to the lakes with their boats  and the gates are locked 


I would ride my bike past the forest gates but I would just get a ticket on My truck  LOL

Yesterday in a forest back east school buses couldn't return kids to their homes on FS land.


The fedgov is trying to provoke a confrontation.


Wonder how many hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo were allocated to the USFS?

we all need to pull a France thing....go on strike :prof:

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Nuf said


Yep the places with gates are all shuddered but out here in the PNW we have a lot of dispersed areas that can't be locked up. Just got to go to those places instead. There still was law enforcement on duty in Mount Rainer National Park this last weekend along with USFS Law enforcement out and about.


Law Enforcement is not on furlough.....

I took a look at the MERA (Mt. Emily - La Grande, OR) website to see if a closure notice was posted.


Yes, a notice was posted, but nothing to do with the shutdown.  Funny, this was not what I was expecting to see:



CLOSURE NOTICE – Mt. Emily Recreation Area (MERA)

Due to public safety concerns arising from a herd of buffalo roaming the area, the Mt. Emily Recreation Area will be closed until the animals are removed. This will include the non-motorized trails and trailheads at Owsley Canyon and Upper and Lower Igo Lane. The Foxhill trailhead will remain open for motorized use only. A further announcement will be made when the area is re-opened.

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This just means EVERYTHING is now open for riding. :devil:

  1. Anybody know if Gifford Pinchot trails are OK to ride during the shutdown?

  • Anybody know if Gifford Pinchot trails are OK to ride during the shutdown?

To hell with them. Ride it

This just means EVERYTHING is now open for riding. :devil:

If you don't come to the attention of the law-enforcement rangers, who are *all* still on duty..... A bunch of of mtb-ers got arrested for poaching trails in the grand canyon during the 90's shutdown. But you might get away with it since the rangers are probably out putting on signs on boat ramps and crap like that.


I don't normally ride any enclosed or gates 'recreation areas', so it hasn't really affected me, but it's still pretty lame.



I "liked" this, but it's sad. Good thing I hit the trails two weekends ago before all the idiocy.


  1. Anybody know if Gifford Pinchot trails are OK to ride during the shutdown?


I was out at Cat Creek last weekend. Now that I think about it all the campgrounds were damn near empty...


The ones with gates were locked but there is so much out there anyway, just go have fun and if need be play dumb. "what? you guys shut down all of our recreational land due to a politcal squable?"



I've read that trespass citations are running $100, although these have been in national parks and historic sites.


Haven't actually seen any issued in NF.

Well, I'm not afraid of riding closed trails as much as returing to the trailhead to find out they decided I was "trespassing" on PUBLIC LAND and had my rig impounded! :-(


Wonder how many hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo were allocated to the USFS?


Somewhere close to ZERO.



Law Enforcement is not on furlough.....


Law enforcement is "excepted," meaning they get to work without getting paid.  Isn't that just grand?

Just in case it wasn't clear earlier, national forest land and blm land is in general totally and completely open just like before. The government stupidness only affects things like campgrounds that charge admission, national parks and monuments (they charge admission),  *possibly* some ohv areas with gates, etc.... (i don't ride in any of those places).  I don't boat so I'm not sure about boat ramps and that sort of thing. Normal trails and staging areas are still open and normal people are still riding.

Wayne National Forest also is closed and it says a penalty of up to $5000 and 6 months in jail is in effect for trespassers.

I rode the national forest last Friday. No signs, no enforcement and no people anywhere. :ride:

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