Where can I find race gas near Corvallis, Oregon?

I have a 2011 kx250f with the dual fuel injection mod with a pro circuit top end and a CP carillo 14.2:1 high compression piston. 

I am looking to mix 110 octane with 92 ethanol free gas. Do you guys know where I can find good quality racing fuel near Corvallis (in Albany, Monmouth, Philomath, etc.) for around $8 a gallon (or less).

I just cant justify or afford paying over $10 a gallon.



gas station/ deli/ farm store in tangent across from john deere dealer has 92 clear on the pump pretty reasonable around $5

a gal and then on pacific blvd/ santiam hwy in Albany

across from american legion shell station that also works on cars has a couple different race gases but they are somewhere around $9 a gal they also have 92 clear but I think it was worth the drive to get it at the other place 

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