08 YZ450F fork and shock on 02 YZ250 need info

I had an 02 YZ250 years ago and loved it. Got into KTMs for years and have wanted another 02(for the green sticker). I just scored an 02 that has 08 yzf 450 forks and shock on it. The fork seals and rear shock leak bad. I have got into them and found the white plastic free float parts were cracked and broken in the forks. I have since replaced (and moded them with the bleed back holes) them and the forks are almost ready to go back on the bike. The shock is also almost ready to go back on the bike.


The question is how far off am I with the stock 450 springs?

I am 6'5" and 245 in gear and only plan on using the bike in the tight trails. I am a "B" desert racer and fairly fast in the tight single track.

Before I button them up I would like to have some opinions on the springs and if anyone knows what rate the 08 450 springs are. They are stock now and the rear is titanium.

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