Shock Spring:125 two stroke vs 250F shock spring

Hey fellas..........I just had my rear shock rebuilt/serviced.   I weigh 175/180lbs. The specialist  that did my suspension said the Kx125 spring was too "light"  for my weight..........he suggested a "heavier" spring. Cool! My bike will work  better with the "correct" spring/per rider weight. No problem there...he is the specialist...........

    So, my question is this: Should a spring off a 250F be used on a 2-stroke shock?  He assured me the spring will work for my weight...Well, the bike feels like a stiff buckboard wagon!  I attempted to set the sag....there is NO   compression of the coil/spring.....the bike does not "sag" one bit. I have set the sag on my 450 with success. I did the same (Following Directions from Transworld, Racer X Pro Action suspension) I have a lot of questions sometimes, and these forums find me the answers.,  

  The shop suggested I grease the linkage bearings. Ahhhhhh, that would make sense.    Did change in the sag dept. 

  Can  the "torque" of a 4 stroke accellerating,  change the compression rate/loading of a spring  differently than a 2-stroke. accellerating?

  Thank you for any ideas on this query. 

Dan Graves

No they are all just different stiffness ratings , what are your sag numbers

The 125 does not sag. When I sit on it, the bike goes down 10mm- That is all. When I go off some larger jumps, the shock absorbs just feels jumpy and stiff. I asked Freddy and Bruce(Mad Brothers Racing , Easton PA)  if maybe the spring is off a 450. Freddy said no. That is when Bruce asked me if the linkage was recently lubed. You know now what I know..... Any ideas?

The linkage is messed up, or that spring is waaaay wrong.

Hey Mudguy,


Thought I would do a follow up note to you since you took the time to give me your opinion..............Turned out....upon further inspection....My linkage, swing arm and pivot bearings were rusted tight........

All have been replaced...AND greased.............all is right with the world now Thanks again for your feedback.



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