Chain slap!!!! fix

Looks like the 2002 Yz426F has a redesigned front chain slider on the swing arm. It's built up thicker and higher with a hump. I'm thinking about trying one, it may help with that slow speed braking chain slap noise------??? :) I love this bike

I have a 2002 and havent noticed any slapping noise :)

I would still make sure that it is not rubbing a hole in your swingarm (even though it doesnt make a noise)! Check this out:

Good stuff Dan. Mine slaps like crazy even when the chain is adjusted properly. Mine's a 98 though. Wonder if the new rub block will match up?

MOTOMAN!!! Thats not a crack in that swing arm, is it? On the weld right next to those grooves your pointing out.

You bet it is a CRACK!!! It isnt my bike though (whewww!!) If you guys dont fix this problem... in a year or so your swingarms will look like that! I looked a my friends 01' 426 yesterday (only has like 20hrs on it) and it had grooves in it about 1/4" deep and I told him to go look on my bike and see how I fixed it! Now he is glad I told him. I have ridden the 02's and they still have chain slap...also go look at the demo bikes on the showroom...and you will see that they also have wear on the swingarm (and they supposedly havent been ridden hard)! Later,


I forgot to mention...the foam I put underneath the chain slider on my 426 eliminated the low speed chain slap! It acts as a cushion and stops both the wear and noise.

This is a "must do"..anyone w/time off over the holidays should be fixing this issue..mine didn't have the grooves but was wearing into the swingarm! A good friend of mine had some pieces of rubber that we cut and layered under the guide.After tightening the bolt back down it now has a buffer and cushion and the noise is gone and things are protected.

I initially tried foam, but what I had was just too thick. I used a piece from and old tie-down I had. It seemed to work pretty well.

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