Hour meter won't work

I have a 2008 yz that I installed an hour meter on and it won't pick up. I wrapped it around both wires going into the plug cap. Is that correct? I've never worked on such a new bike and am used to there only being one wire feeding the plug so wasn't sure if I did that inorrectly or maybe I just got a bummed meter. I'm at work now an it's botherin me so figured I'd ask before I take it all apart again this week



Wrap the wire around the COP (Coil over Plug) just above the grommet. At least seven wraps.

I had the same problem with my no name hour meter.

Tried wrapping below the plug but above the grommet-- still no joy, any I couldn't get it to stay snug and clean looking.

My "fix" was to slide the grommet off the plug cap, slip the pickup down the cap, reinstall grommet (pinning the cable between the plug cap and grommet), and then wrapping cable around plug cap, I put a single layer of electrical tape over the wrapped wire. It's nice and clean and skinny enough to fit inside the head.


I slipped the wire inside the grommet and wrapped it around the coil below the grommet and used a o ring to hold the wire in place, slip the end of the wire under the last wrap.

Thanks guys! Got it figured out today I think. Started it up and it blinked so tomorrow after my muddy practice day I'll see how it reads.

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