Timing chain jumped yet again?

Ok guys a few months ago I had a post about the chain jumping time, well almost everyone here said to do a manual adjuster and I did go with that, and this mod lasted about a month of riding to where yesterday it again jumped time...............


I have NOT A CLUE as to why, the chain is new, the cams are new, the adjuster is manual and is new, the follower or nylon rider is new, the side the adjuster goes on is the new nylon follower, and it jumped right as my son was trying to kick start the bike????


I am clueless here folks and really pissed off due to I can't figure it out WHY? It only happens on kicking or very lowest speed, so nothing gets broken or bent when it happens..


Please anyone got something here??????????????????

How much time did you get on the motor before it jumped again you replaced the parts? 


Manual cam chain tensioners need to be adjusted every so often to keep things in spec as the chain stretches.

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I got the longest time about 20 hours so say

Probably needed to be adjusted in that amount of time. In my experience the cam manual cam chain tensioners need to be checked about every 5 hours. I always check mine every oil change. It only takes an extra 2 mins. They do not have the ability to "self adjust" like the auto tensioners do.


Maybe someone with a little more 4 stroke experience will chime in though as far as how much a cam chain is expected to stretch. I may be over doing it by checking it every oil change but I have not had an issue yet with the manual set up. Nothing but problems with the auto set up.

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