Hanging rpm

Whenever I slow down or sometimes rev the bike, the rpms kind of hang before winding down. The gas in it is kind of old since I hadn't ridden it in about a month. Could that be what is causing it? Or is my idle too high? Compression is good and my valves were checked pretty recently and close to top of spec. Could it be the clutch?

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Turn your idle down. :thumbsup:

I thought that might be it. The weather changed recently and hadn't really noticed that before. Any other ideas? I hope that's what it is .

try that but from my experience that sounds like an air leak somewhere dont know much about the new 4 strokes but when ive had bad crank seals go thats what it does sounds weird and hesitant bogs on throttle and hangs but hey who knows try your idle and fresh gas 

It doesn't bog down or sound weird at all really. It's a pretty new bike. I bought it new at the end of 2012. I'm going to pound my muffler in more too. I think it may be leaking at the mid pipe but I don't think that would cause it. Hope this doesn't turn into another unsolvable problem. Oh yeah, it only does it sometimes

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hmmmm wierd lol well if it was an airleak it would do it all the time or until it seized lol....... maybe overheating?  

I don't know, the thing runs ok other than that. I am going to put some new gas in it turn down the idle. Sticky throttle cable maybe?

Looks like that was the issue. Didn't know that made such a difference

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