Need advice on my next bike... Newer rider

Well i got my first bike (honda crf230L) about 2 months ago and already have it for sale on craigslist.  Great little bike to learn on, but i definitely out grew it fast.. Im 6'1- 6'2"175 pounds and the bike was just too short for me even with tall risers..  I also struggled to keep up with my brother on his DRZ400s any time we hit the straight aways off road and on road.  I have ridden his bike multiple times on road and love the torque and taller bike.  Way more power then the crf.  I am however a bit intimidated by the weight and top heaviness for off road.  Since im only 175 in weight, the DRZ makes a touch nervous on tight off road stuff.   I haven't tried it off road, so I can't really say for sure.


A couple of other bikes i am looking at are the KLX250s and the WR250R ( WR is a bit on the expensive side for me, but i could probably swing a used one).  I just don't know how these compare as i haven't ridden either and most local shops i don't think allow test riding.  Are both of these going to be noticeably faster then the crf230L? and help me keep up with the DRZ400s.  Do you guys think my height would be ok for those two?  I like the idea of a more nimble light bike, but need some more power as I got bored with the crf230L.  Or should i just suck it up and go for a DRZ400s.  Any tips, info, and suggestions would be really appreciated as once the the crf sells i want to get a bike sooner then later :)

The CRF or WR are good bikes , how much are you going to spend ?

i think 4000-4500 would be my max..

i think 4000-4500 would be my max..

wr and crf x are both great bikes. If you liked the crf230 you may want to consider a XR400. They are reliable as all but are a little heavy , you can get them cheap tho.

i want to make sure the bike is plated and a dual sport.. thats why i havent really looked at the x or xr400's

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