has spark, fuel, compression and timed won't run

I have an 09 TXC 310 that died. It has spark, fuel, compression and is timed right but will not run. What am I missing? Bike was running great till it shut down. I can't really measure compression due to auto decompressor but can feel compression while turning over by kick starter. I did put a compression tester on it but it only got to 30 psi. I'm thinking that's due to auto decompression kicking in. Any ideas??? Getting ready to pull to top end off.

Did you try push starting it?


Bad gas?

I second the bad gas theory. Or a fuse?

You don't have compression.  30 lbs is not enough, you should be getting at least 100 lbs even with the ADC.  The ADC bleeds off about 80 lbs of the total 180 lbs the bike produces.  What spark plug is  in it?  What happened when it died?  Was it hot, was it pinging?

If you can get hold of a leak down tester use it. Sounds like somethings not right to have so little compression, did you kick it over a few times to see if it kept building? The newer TXC I've kicked are pretty hard to kick over.

are you SURE it's not a temp. sensor gone bad..??, 



Did you try a different spark plug ?

Try bumping it. If it fires I'll tell you what the problem is.

Check the Intake boot,  Between throttle body and cyl head.

Later George

I had the same issue, Was the woodruff key sheared on my 12 310


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