'13 backfire screen removal?

I haven't yet removed the backfire screen on my bike because I'm paranoid about losing that little bit of extra protection it provides. Should I remove it? Does removing it help with power/ throttle response at all?

removed it from my 2012 crf250r after remap. Theres not much to gain from it. Maybe a ounce of weight gone for a .001 hp haha but yeah i did it and many others have done it. 

For track it's barely noticeable. For off-road, especially single track, it is quite noticeable.

You have to go with non-petroleum air filter oil and cleaner if you do remove it (No Toil or equivalent) * to prevent back-fire ignition of the filter *

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Leave it alone, it is there to keep you air box from catching on fire if it backfires. The gains don't out weigh the risk. ;)

I was contemplating this for a long time before i went ahead with it, all the horror stories had me worried.


My backfire screen is out of the bike 3+ months and no issues at all. Bike feels more responsive (EU version). Ive checked the filter after every ride to make sure there are no burn marks etc and no issues to date. I would do alot of mx, with 20-30 minute motos

You should still change to non-petroleum filter oil.

You should still change to non-petroleum filter oil.

agreed, the no toil stuff is good to use.

ive removed it on every 4 stroke i have ever owned.

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