Sealing and lubing bottom end

Hey guys,

I have heard to grease all seal lips in the bottom end with grease. Just wondering what kind of grease to use. I have white lithium grease in a easy to squirt tube that should not make to much of a mess. If this the right kind? Second I read somewhere to put grease in or on the crank bearings to help increase life. Any insight and what should be used grease oil? Then which types. Also I know to lube the power valve and pack moly 60 grease. Are there any pictures of how to do this. I'm not sure of where to pack the grease. Any tips advise can I over grease? Or under?

Thanks guys,


I used bel ray waterproof grease on my seals. Never heard of using grease on the main bearings themselves. Cant really see how it'd stay in there with fuel/oil getting on them. I'd assume the grease would dissolve and wash out. I just put the grease between the 2 lips of the seals, in the "U" channel, around the circumference. The oem seals usually already come pre greased, but I added a little extra to it.

if you put grease into the bearing it will just wash out within a few minits of riding. wont do anything.


white grease will do just fine on the lips.

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