VDR HS Series Round 2 - Sunday, Oct 13, 2013


Looking forward to another race!

In with the Nikon.  camera_smiley.gif


Probably going to be in the MX section a bit, want to set up and figure out some shots in there. 

Seems like I haven't gotten a lot of that action the past few races. :ride:

You need a sign saying photo op coming so we aren't caught ridin lazy!

Just in case anyone wants to know...


I ordered up some 8x10 prints from SnowMule's website from last month's race, and they were top quality photos.

And the price was, IMO, very reasonable... OMG!   Did I just use "IMO" in my reply?!


See y'all this Sunday!



Did very many use the "shortcut" over the tires? Seems that the risk outweighs the reward on that one now.

I did the tires about half the time. Now that they got rid of the two big humps if you don't do the tires there really is no difference. If you can hit them super clean you may be able to gain a second or two, but if you stall, don't make it or fall over your hosed.

The key is how many riders are single file around the long way, with clear track it's pretty quick. If there's a line of riders, your only as fast as the slowest one!

We'll see you tomorrow!!

Filled two 8GB memory cards today :jawdrop:    (Only filled one last race.)

What a difference fast cards make though... popped in my 2nd and I spent a lot of time waiting for the buffer to write to the card.  For the price, I might buy a couple more of the fast ones.


Unfortunately on my way home I had some truck troubles... Idler pulley came apart, roasted the bearing, and 2/3 of the serp belt is in bite-size pieces thrown all over my engine compartment.  Didn't do any damage to hoses/electrical, but all the plastic parts on the serp belt drive are toast.


Hopefully get the truck squared away and running tomorrow evening, then I'll start on the photo processing.  I'm really hoping to get everything done and online this week, but it could be next weekend before I finish them all. :foul:






Looking forward to your photos!

Not sleeping till I'm done :ph34r::rant::lol:


Took Wednesday off to fix the truck (and the bike).  What a fustercluck that was.  Turns out the Power Wagon isn't a standard 2500 ... parts for the Ram 2500 (and even the 3500) don't fit my truck.  I have a feeling they pulled parts off their commercial vehicles when they built that pickup.  :eek:

Went into the garage wednesday morning to find gas dripping from my bike... turns out the screws that hold the float bowl on are kind of important, and I also learned my petcock isn't working.  That bike's overdue for some TLC anyways.

But I got the bike running that morning, truck running that evening with everything bled out and put back together.


Finished up with one memory card; 709 photos so far.  Working on #2.  Also going to be making some changes to my smuggy account, so bear with me while I get all that straightened out.  Probably won't get photos tagged for another few days.


Sneak Peek!











Just published over 1200 photos from this race. :eek:

Don't have them indexed yet, i'll get to that in the next day or two. 



Some very good pics there SnowMule. Thanks.

Suppose I could update here too :smirk:


Got all the photos tagged (what I could, some of you guys were missing stickers or they were completely covered in mud). 


Search your race number here:



If you were one of the mud-covered bikes, try searching 000. 


I promise next month I'll get 'em done/processed quicker.  :bonk: 



Did any one get a video of the crazy women after the race

Crazy women? What's that about?

I loaned my bike to friend My soon to be exwife took it

The cops said there was nothing he could do

She tipped my bike over and sat on it and made a big seen

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