Suspension upgrade on XR650L

Fellow BRP owners,

I am trying to get my ducks in a row for doing my front forks & possible heavier rate rear spring for project over winter

My ? is this, What is a good spring up front & rear for a person 180lbs w/o gear, 4 gal tank & likes to haul ass in the northern woods of wisconsin & use as a daily commuter?

I have read to many things (that are older than 4 years) that can give me a straight answer. What is stock rear spring rate? What is a good spring rate for getting rid of front sag *( I plan on installing immulators)

I just would like to be a little more in control & be able to catch a little more air & hit the woops a lot harder

Thanks in advance      Dave M

What kind of terrain?  Mostly sand whoops, or also rocks?  And just how fast is hauling ass?  Enduro B rider or above?

The shocks isn't too bad; the forks are the weak link.  The shock spring may be okay, or you could go up a spring rate if you're really blitzing and doubling the whoops.  


The forks are already cartridge style, so emulators aren't really applicable.  You have to make the decision whether to work with the forks you have or to upgrade to modern twin chamber USD forks.  The factory forks need vastly stiffer springs, but new springs alone would throw off the rebound damping, so you'll also need a revalve.  By the time you pay for springs and valving, a USD fork swap starts to make financial sense. 

Northeastern kentucky has alot of choppy terrain.  I weigh about 155lbs.  I have an 08' xr650l and use 05' crf450 showa forks with .50kg springs and xr600r rear shock with 9.8kg rear spring. 


Before the previous setup I used 02' KYB cr125 forks with .50kg springs and stock rear shock. This setup is probably the best budget minded setup. 


I only like the showas because they have compression adjusters on top and i have tool-less ride engineering adjusters. KYB's have compression adjusters on bottom.


I use th velcro seal saver, which save lots of seals.  I believe in them.  And wash them regularly, with riding gear.  The main complaint on usd forks is seal leakage, seal savers help.

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