dynojet kit good or bad?

ok I have a 2002 Honda 400ex with 440 big bore kit, stage 2 hot cam and racing clutch. I want to get more power out of it but I also want to get more top speed out of it without losing much bottom end. I plan on mixing up my sprocket ratio and going from stock to +2 front and -1 back but I also want to get a dynojet kit but ive heard they are worthless but ive also read they great and have read that you gain 5% power. please help!!

Good kit but worthless, why buy extra jets that you don't need when you can get them individually

what do you mean good kit but worthless? what all is it? just different jets?

my Honda also has a slip on fmf muffler and k and n air filter but does this kit just give me better throttle response? some people say faster warm up time

Just a bunch of jets to tune your carb

that seems like a dumb a** upgrade but the reviews on it seem good

its not an upgrade its the ability to tune your carb after upgrades

ok that makes more sense as to what it is. would it be worth it to buy that or buy jets for it? all my upgrades are 440 big bore, fmf slip on muffler, stage 2 hot cam, upgraded clutch but not sure if that matters or not. does the carbs on 4 stroke have main and pilot jet? sorry this is my first 4 stroke quad, ive only owned 2 strokes but still have a Yamaha banshee

yes main and pilot, buy individual jets of the sizes you think you need but look to see what you have already first

what would you suggest for the upgrades I have for main and pilot? I haven't looked yet, and also getting down in temp. 60-75 degrees here and im at about 1400 ft above sea level 

The dynojets have different size numbers. For instance, I have a dynojets 148 main, which is the same as a keihin 160.5. You would have to find a conversion chart so you'll know what's the correct size.

I have stage 2 dynojet in my yfz now I have a idle problem. So I say not a upgraded

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