Lexx Mid pipe separating from header pipe

My Lexx Pipe on my 2007 WR450 is separating from the header pipe. I can feel exhaust coming out.

The shim or whatever you call it is separating. I tried pulling it off but couldn't get it off the header pipe.So I tried to clamp it, but notice it's getting worse. I think I need a pipe wrench. It's stuck on there. When I installed it I used high temp gasket silicone as it stated. Has anybody else had this issue and what's been your solution.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381199078.758670.jpg

The little dings is me being stupid in trying to hammer it back.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381199047.278962.jpg

I had a similar problem, I tried a few different things and the only thing that worked was taking the muffler and mid pipe off and reinstalling again with the sleeve properly seated.

My sleeve actually came out all the way on a trail ride, wouldn't have been too uncomfortable if it hadn't been 80+ degrees out.


There shouldn't be a ~1/4" gap in the sleeve first off.  you can tell there is a huge exhaust leak there from the black plume on the header.  On my 05 (no adapter ring, just slips over)  I seem to have fixed the problem more or less by slitting the mid pipe about an inch back (don't go past the header when installed!) and using a SS hose clamp like I see you have, along with the silicone.  i found that just the silicone, even though it was only filling about a .005" gap, would get burnt up and blown out in no time.  We'll see how my current design holds up as i haven't had it apart yet, but it seems promising.

Thanks guys, that's what I was looking for. I did find this option. In the picture he used a KLR clamp of a Kawi. Would that be better then a band clamp. The band clamp doesn't seem strong enough. Did you also cut slits on the pipe?ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381273778.780415.jpg

I don't have a clamp on mine, but if it comes loose again, I will get that klr clamp or something similar.

Looks to me like you used the wrong adaptor when you installed the Lexx. On my '07 the gap is no where near that big, did you have to pound the adaptor on the header? Your Lexx should have come with 3 adaptor options to mate the header with the mid pipe, try another one. 

Yes, it came with the three adapters.. I thought I went through them to find the best fit. When I attached the mid pipe to the header, I did not pound it on. It seemed like a nice snug fit. I took off the entire pipe, header and mid pipe. I cannot get them to seperate. Using a vice, I feel like I'm going to bend something, then I'll have to buy a new mid pipe and header. I think what I'm going to do is buy some high temp glue weld like JB, or some of those puttys to plug that hole then I'll put a band right up against it, so it might keep it from blowing out.

Just went to the garage and looked at the other two shims. The other two are thinner. The one I have in there is the thickest of the three and it went in the header with silicone just using my hands. I guess yours is holding better so the shim isn't spreading.

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