Outgrown JR50 - where next?

Guys, I've got 2 boys on JR50's. They've both been riding them since they were 3. They are now 6 & 7 (be 8 next month). 6yr old is about ready for me to raise his suspension up on the JR50, but he's already blown the rear shocks out and broke several rear spokes jumping. Size wise though, he's not ready for anything taller or heavier at this point.


Older boy (go ahead and call him 8) is tall for his age and is WAY too big for the JR50 now. Suspension is raised and I've raised his handle bars 1" and he's still WAY too big for it. His knees are almost at the grips.


Thing is, we just ride woods around the house. Mostly they play ride around and sometimes we all 3 go deeper in the woods. Because they like to jump and I MUCH prefer 2-strokes, I was looking at getting the 8yr old a KTM 50SX soon, but it seems the more I read about them people say they aren't good for woods / play riding and are constant maintenance and money pits. I don't wanna pay $4k for a new bike and then be throwing money at it or working on it all the time, I've got enough to do when I get home from work. At the same time, I don't wanna get one if it's no good play/woods riding. We don't race MX - track is too far away and I work a lot of weekends, so again, not time for that - but they have been begging me to build them a track, which I've said I would do....and of course they want jumps (I'll build smooth, small doubles or whatever).


I REALLY hate the thought of getting a 70/80/110 playbike with noodles for suspension, drum brakes and too heavy for him to pick up when he crashes (most I see are 140-160# range).


Are the KTM's really that bad a bike for just play/woods riding?

Am I REALLY gonna have to go with an over weight, under powered and under suspended 4-smoke?


His b-day is next month, and I was leaning toward getting him a new bike by then. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




You will be out of the 50s pretty fast, my 6yo already looks too big on his ktm 50.  But you may want to consider a used one for a trainer for a bigger bike.  They hold their value well, and I have had good luck with them.  You can buy mini adventure springs and replace the shim stacks in the clutch for more trail friendly performance.  IMO that change alone reduces maintenance requirements considerably.  The kicker assy. and stators are weak points, but you can get the kickers to last pretty well with some practice on a smooth kick.


The next move is a 65 2t (my 6yo is riding his brother's race 65) if they are jumping them.  Put a fender washer in the exhaust to tame them down as they learn on them.  The clutch is not that big a deal, start them pointed downhill. 


I like green, but some like orange.  They work well in the woods and on trails with a sprocket change.  The green ones can be lowered an inch or so pretty easily.  But, both are thirsty and will be a little more maintenance than the 4ts, but far less than the 50s.

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I am now thinking of foregoing the KTM 50SX and just getting him a Yamaha TTR110 or Kawasaki KLX110.


I'd love to find him a clean PW80 but those seem to be rare - or trashed when I see one.


Maybe a 110 would be a better stepping stone? Then put him on a KX65/85 or YZ85 when he gets too big for the 110. A 110 may survive better and also be a stepping stone for little brother too?


Any idea which is the better bike between TTR110 / KLX110? Seems all I can find in searches is adults modding them out.



Just to update. Ended up going with a KLX110.


Decided that the best growth path would be to put them from the JR50's to the KLX110. They can learn to shift without worrying about a clutch and the power is tame enough that they can handle it. All the reviews and stuff I read put the KLX over the TTR without question, plus I'd seen several posts and pics of the TTR frame broke in two at the steering stem from jumping them.


When they out grow the KLX110, I'll move them to the TTR125L we have. They will already be used to shifting the auto KLX, and adding the clutch work on the TTR125 when they shift should be easy.


Once they out grow the TTR125, I'll move them to a KX / YZ 85.


The oldest boy fit the KX65 perfect at the dealer which was tempting, but I know the KLX is a better stepping stone at this point.


Anyway, they've both ridden it a little at my Dad's and they are crazy about it.





if they need more suspension or brakes before the next upgrade, you can always put kx65 forks/wheel on it and a bbr swing arm in the rear

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