adding kickstart to E model; thoughts, opinions, experience, worth it?

I have thought about doing this for a while and my experience a few months back when I dropped the bike and it got water in the engine made me think really seriously about it because the bike would not start and it didn't take long for the battery to wear out. I got lucky and a dude on an ATV pulled me to clear out the cylinder and then to bump start it, otherwise I would have been screwed and in for a walk, a long one.


I know the E model already has the port on the case for the kickstart, honestly cannot see why they didn't just do like most makers and leave the kicker and just add the electric start so you would have both, but they didn't.


Anyway I just wanted to see what other people think about adding the kickstart to an E model, how difficult it is and if it was worth it or just there as a safety just in case.


Also deliberating on taking off electronic start or just leaving it on and having both, thought on that?



Sure , fit the kicker , just research correct installation and what to watch out for on assembly .

The beauty of adding the kick start is the ability to start your bike when your battery is dead. That being said leave the electric starter for the lazy way but add the kicker for the other times. If your thinking about loosing the weight by ditching the electric starter, you would probably be better off looking into another bike because no matter what you take off the bike will still be around 300 lbs. As far as I know there is only the OEM kick start kit and they run around $200, I bought mine off Ebay about two years ago for $195 shipped and have yet to use it in real world circumstances, only once or twice just because it's there. That little button is just too easy!

My SM likes to kill batteries. Every time it's dead it makes me wish I had the kickstarter installed. Someday.

I was like you earlier in the season, dependent upon a battery contemplating the kick start. I installed the kit along with removing the auto-decomp and installed the manual. Now I only use the e-start when the bike has been warmed up. One kick when cold starts it right up..


It is very hard to bump start the drz when the roads/trails are wet or the only way to go is up.

I converted my SM over by switching to a Kicker motor and all the other lighter parts that came with it. I find the bike very easy to start using the manual de-comp. 75% of the time 1 easy kick. 24% of the time 2 kicks. If it doesn't start in 2 kicks I hold down the de-comp and kick it thru half a dozen times to clear the cylinder[ try that with elec start only]. Than 1 kick does it.


Unless you always find yourself stalled on the side of a steep hill...can't see any reason to even leave the E start on the bike.



I found out that you can bump start in 4th after the decomp has been removed. Quite a bit trickier than before I took it off

put a kicker on my 400S and it's very difficult to start......gggrrrrr.

put a kicker on my 400S and it's very difficult to start......gggrrrrr.

Kind of not too sure how to ask this but I'm unclear by what you mean. Is the the kicking the problem or is it the starting that's the problem?


I've tried kicking the bike over without using the manual de-comp and for me that is a problem. With the de-comp set up right the bike should kick over as easily as a 2 stroke.


If it kicks over easy but just doesn't start seems like that would be carb problems.. maybe choke settings?


How about kicking it over after it's been running for awhile?



I had kick start on my 2000 400s. My opinion is that if it won't start with the magic button you aren't going to be able to kick it over ether. I don't have kick on my 2006 and would never install it. Just make sure that you battery is healthy and ride. Riding in Hawaii is trial-ish and the button is great on hills and tight spots.  Aloha

the only time I was able to kick my Z was when she was strapped to the trailer...other than that I guess I got good compression cause I can't kick it.  Granted I don't have the manual decomp but that is coming...



it starts with the electric start, just no luck with the added decompression lever onthe S

I put a kick start kit on my S, don't have the compression release head so I couldn't add the manual decomp yet and I removed the auto decomp from the exhaust cam because it was rattling pretty good.  From what I have read the manual decomp is just used to get it past compression top dead center and then you can kick it thru and start it.  On my S I slowly push it just barely through top dead center using my hand and then kick it.  Usually starts on first or second kick with the throttle held open just a tiny bit (with stock CV carb) and choke on.  When warm I just use the magic button.  When cold its a 50/50 chance the starter will start it before the battery starts to run down.


They are right about being able to start it with a dead battery, twice I have accidentally left the bike with the park lights on to come back after work to a dead battery and it kick started right up.  To me it is worth it for the kit just for that simple fact.

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