06 crf 250 rejetted and doesn't idle without choke

previously was jetted with a 175 - 42 - 3 turns. Honestly I don't know why it was at that... seems a little much, it ran kinda crappy as you can imagine. It still did not idle with that jetting. I rejetted it to 170 - 40 - 2 turns, the bike runs great, but still does not idle without the choke on. The throttle response is good, blasted out the carb with carb cleaner a few times. There is a crack in my FMF pipe, which may be causing a compression problem???? I will get that fixed this weekend, what else could be wrong with it? ****it has a brand new pilot jet in it, BRAND NEW***** everyone keeps saying pilot jet is clogged :banghead:  :banghead:  :banghead:  :banghead: .... I really do not think that is the problem.... but what do I know I just read the manual and install the new parts....


What could be the possible problems?

Why would the bike be jetted that way previously? (it is a modified bike, so I guess that is why)


fix that cracked pipe

blow out the pilot jet

blow out the pilot jet passage

if its still giving you trouble check for an airleak

would in that case I buy a new oring and hope that seals it?

leaking exhaust is not good while trying to tune a bike

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