What does a great woods suspension curve look like in Restackor ?

I'm just starting to play around with Restackor.

I'd like to build the best woods suspension that I can. I ride tight single track with lots of roots and logs on a WR450F that has been lightened by nearly 25 pounds. Our rides have lots of long climbs on a loose rock base. I want a suspension that soaks up a lot of the roughness and keeps the front planted and the back driving with no kickback.

What does a great woods suspension curve look like in Restackor ? What would an ideal suspension curve be for forks and the shock ?


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It just has lots less damping than MX , each rider varies in how much less they like

You can't really use restackor in the way you're trying to.  There are quite a few more factors that come together as a package than just the characteristics of the damping curve you see in restackor.  Which means you really can't compare graphs from your bike to the same year crf450r as an example. 


What you need to do first is find out what needs to be changed and what direction that change needs to be made.  After that, you can use restackor as a means to graph the changes and help you determine how far to go.


So, to start with you need to detail your current set which includes springs, sag and any valving changes.  Then you need to describe what the suspension is doing and what you'd actually like it to do.  Detail for both of those accounts helps a lot.

Less overall damping, early x-over in basevalve (2-stage) and more float in midvalve....

OK, lots to soak in from those posts... I'll reply in detail when I have a bit of time. Thanks for the replies.

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