1987 XR80R no spark. Bought new parts. Help?

I have a 1987 Honda XR80R. I am not getting any spark.


I bought a new coil. new condenser. new fly wheel. new spark plug. new fly wheel. and I bought a new stator which said it worked for my bike but apparently I dont have a stator? or it is a different kind of stator???

I am lost and bought all these parts and I believe I am down to it being the stator or whatever it is called on an 87? I see it reffered to as an alternator/stator/fly wheel online in different places. 


I am sorry If someone already posted this as I could not find already what I was looking for. Please help me to get this bike running.

Thanks so much!



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stator, alternator, generator typically all refer to the same component. I don't know why you got a new fly wheel, were the magnets cracked?

im not very familiar with the 80cc bikes but assuming it has a breaker point ignition system (as the need for a condenser) first check and see if your points are set to spec. and clean. all of the parts can be tested with a multi meter to confirm the arts are good. I don't know if any of this helps and I am un sure how to assist you.


have you tested anything? do you have a repair manual? a manual is worth the investment, they will typically give step by step diagnostic procedures to solve your issue :excuseme:

I dont get why this is so hard to understand. 117 views and one response. dang.


I bought a flywheel cuz the magnets were cracked yes.


I have a real manual and it doesn't help us.

Give "Old School Al" a PM, he's the points ignition expert.

How do I private message him?

A year later, nice haha.

My advice, quit playing parts darts, get at it with a test light first. If that doesn't give you what you're looking for, a multimeter and your manual is my next bet. Find out where it stops going to the plug

your bike has points although the schematic in the honda parts list eludes to a CDI box. 


they should open when the F mark on on the flywheel aligns with a fixed indexer on the left engine casing,   Check that your coil is good if the bike was previously running and quit or became hard to start. - especially when hot.  also check the spark plug cap is tightly connected to the plug wire. You can nip off the end of the plug wire just a wee bit with a pair of dykes too just to freshen it up and screw the plug cap back on.  Points are normally set to .012 -.016.

This is exactly why I tell people not to fuss or dump any money in points ignitions.  It takes too much time and effort and in most cases to no avail.  Just buy a complete CDI ignition and be running and happy in less than an hour. You can buy a complete ignition for about $100-$125 on ebay.

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