Hey guys I need some advice about the site!

Hey so I just joined Thumper Talk and I am not familiar with the site yet. I just got my first Dual Sport and I'm looking for advice on maintenance and such. Hoping someone could point me in te right direction on where to post at. Thanks.

Welcome, what year, make, model and whatever extras with the bike? In general, you want to make sure the suspension is setup to your weight and terrain and riding style.  Jetting close enough for your altitude range and air temp.

Here are the things I check before every ride- oil, intake filter, tire pressure and coolant. After each ride, I'd fill gas tank, change air filter and clean the chain and lube it.

Hi Mark Webber,  first off let me say welcome to TT from a rookie.

Secondly, I am sorry to see that you keep seeming to have the "unlucky" RB chassis for the last 5 or so years. All the best next year with the boys from Weissach!




As to your bike questions...like the posters above mentioned you can check the model specific sections of the site as above in the link, or general questions can go right here.


Also of use to you will be:





Good luck and welcome!

Wecome Mark. There is a Dual Sport section. However, maintenance is really bike/rider/ability related.


Some guys ride a few hundred miles a year, putting on fire roads. Other ride a few hundred a day f;at out on goat trails. Some ride basic trail bikes, some race bikes.

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