Oil choice

Hi all,

Hopefully a quick easy one for you all. I've a 2004 wr250f. I don't have the Haynes yet. What oil should I be using? I live in England and mainly Greenlane.



10/40 is fine.

Just don't use an automobile oil with Energy Conserving (friction modified) additives due to the clutch inside the engine.

In other words:

10/40 made for motorcycles is probably your best choice.


Also, you'll want to read a Service Manual (the original Yamaha WR-250FS book is the best) because just draining the engine oil, filling it, and checking the engine oil level requires the proper procedure due to the dry sump oiling system.

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Cheers all, much appreciated!

Good day all.

I've a 2004 wr250f. I mainly use it for green leaning. How often do folks undertake an oil and filter change?



what the heck is "green leaning"?

what the heck is "green leaning"?


Trail riding as far as I can gather

I think Bannerman meant "green laning", which I believe is English for trail riding.


I change the engine oil on my 2002 WR-250F once a month.

I trail ride on Sundays, and typical milage after a month for me is about 240 miles.


Whatever schedule you choose, just don't completely neglect it.


Do the air filter service often, too (I do mine before each ride).

Yep, bit of a typo. Should have been 'green laning'. Essentially... Taking the bike through legal wood and field tracks and trails. Or 'green lanes'.

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