Rear brake master cylinder swell

Well i replaced my brake lines front and rear for HEL lines and was very impressed with the performance of the upgraded brakes . Still working out the dampening on the front forks due to the dive on the brakes now , but another problem has risen its ugly head . My rear master cylinder has got the swell and it wont be long till it wont seal and drops brake fluid everywhere . I remember reading on here about a year or so ago that a CRF master cylinder is a straight swap and as it is all alloy , it nips the problem in the bud . Can anyone tell me what model I should get and/or is my memory correct and it was a CRF master cylinder , greg

2005 onwards should fit


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I noticed that mine was getting the "bulge" last year so I made a "U" shaped piece of aluminum to fit over the top.  It fits nice and snug to the sides and keeps everything in the right place so it stays sealed up.


Good idea rad , this might actually help untill I get around to buying a master cylinder and fitting it , greg

The CRF works great I got 1 from mid 2000's I think 2005? It was $8 on eBay works like a charm a lot more lever throw but progressive.

I had to lightly grind the frame weld and a bit off the master cylinder housing. Basically casting flash. One of the easiest mods!

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