YZ pleated seat covers

I wish flu designs would make the all black pleated covers for the 2 strokes, seem they only do the 2 tone ones. Weird not to mention annoying.


Anyone know if other companies make them just all black and no brand things stuck or stitched onto the back or sides?

i think moto seat does



Im a fan of just black gripper covers, all the traction ive ever needed.

I'll be ordering a motoseat today. I'm diggin the solid blue.

I bought one from Factory Effex. Their 450 cover fits on our bikes.

I see they have them for the 2 strokes now. Forget what I wrote this morning.

I've got one of the Moto Seat covers.  Fits great, just the right amount of grip.



Thanks for the replys, I dislike the labels on the factory effex and moto seat ones. Might buy an all black flu designs one for a 450 off eBay if you guys are convinced they fit? Will be getting a local upholsterer to put it on

check out the sweet colors available from Guts Racing, custom colors available too.





I have a couple seat covers for a '10-'13 YZ450F and they seem to be short by about 1-2" from front to back for the 2-stroke.  You might be able to stretch them and make them fit, but I would get the right cover for your bike.

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