87 xl600 w/ Ricky stator keeps blowing reg/Rex

So I've had this ol' 600 for a while now. And I've delt with the stock stator burning out ( and it left me stranded in the woods for a night ) by replacing it with a Ricky high output stator. The bike ran great for about 80 miles after the install then I noticed that I had a sea battery. That led to my reg/rec was dead. Since then I've burned 3 of them up ( all from eBay Caltec models ) ad each one had a way different lifespan. I've check everything. I've had a very seasoned mechanic also look at it for me and all we can come up with is that the Caltec regs are junk. I havnt found any shorts, or bad wires. Anyone have ideas on what I can check?? Thank you ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381216198.891413.jpg

Sorry about the typos I'm doing this on my phone without my glasses! I forgot to mention I also have a slightly bigger battery installed. Other then that the wiring harness is all uncut, unfinagledImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381216398.527963.jpg

I just looked at your r/r. Looks tough! It just seems weird that the Caltec one heats up so quick. I'm worried that a new one will do the same thing and I'll burn it up and be out more cash. It's not the stator spiking voltage I've also put a volt meter on it and verified that. I would love to get a r/r that does work though soon this bike is my daily driver. Thanks

It's important for bike regulators and reg/rectifiers to have some electrical component consuming most or all of the stator's output.  In the XL600, it's the battery and tail light/ turn signals / horn. 

With our r/r no load is required to stay in regulation.

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