PANORAM computer... Help plz...

I'm new to Thumpertalk. First thing- Cool site. Lot's of info here. I just bought the Panoram computer (bicycle type) for $29 at WalMart. I tried to set it up on my 2001 YZ426 and ended up stuffing it back in the package. What's the deal? The magnet thingy that goes on the spokes is too small and to achieve the 5MM airgap between the magnet and the pickup would be a trial and error thing that would make it susceptible to damage in the woods. Is there a way to make this thing work or should I just spend the bigger bucks and get the one made for my YZ? (Just trying to save a few $$$). Thanks.

I don't know the exact set up on the Panoram but most enduro type computers have their magnet mounted on a spoke of the brake rotor. You can usually find a good spot to mount the sensor around the brake caliper so it is less susceptible to impact damage.

I also ride bicycles and have a panaram on that and the wire is way too short to mnt on my 426. Tha M/C version must have a different mnt and wire. mike

Go to and order the rotor magnet and YZ/WR kit the magnets around $5 and the longer pickup is $19... Hopes this helps....

As the previous person said, go to Trailtech's site and order Geoff's unit. By saving money and buying at Walmart, you are doing yourself a disservice, since the stock wiring is for a bicycle. It will eventually fail on you - trust me. I have the Trailtech unit installed on mine and it rocks. No problems whatsoever. Their magnet and wiring are top notch and made for the abuse that dirtbikes dish out.


Trailtechs web address is . I've purchased panorams for two different bikes from them and they both work flawlessly.


Ok call me a cheap ass, but I got my WALLY WORLD cpu for 29 buck and with a little enginuity it works awesome!

1.Take screw out of magnet holder

2.Figure out where your sensor will fit on your brakes and see where the magnet will fit on your disc best.

3.Take front wheel off.

4.Lay wheel w/disc sid down on a bench or something flat and sturdy that will be able to be left alone for 24hrs.

5.JB Weld (mix lest set 5min and putty around the magnet in the corner of a slot in your disc.(the one where you figured it would fit the best and not hit your calipers!)

6.When dry the next AM, flip it over and putty the front gaps if needed.

7.When completely dry, file excess JBW down to look better.

8.Clip the cord about 8inches down from DOCKING station.

9.Splice in a section of wire(I used and old set of headphones)(It must be soldered/wirenuts will not work!)

10.Mount your sensor to your fork assembly with zip ties.(I needed to build a spacer to move the sensor closer to the disc with tape)

11.For looks and cleanliness, I Black taped the wire all the way up the brake line and used a lighter to "shrink wrap the elec. tape" to seal and looks.

I will see if I can borrow a dig. cam. to show better detail.

Not nearly as tough as some would think.


Even "I" can do it!!! :)

The other is probly simpler but 50buck buys a lot of BLACK LABLE or Keystones!!! :D

Thanks, all for your help. I think I'll go the CHEEEEEEpo route and do the JB Weld thing.

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