Yz250 Vibration problems

What are some of the best aftermarket parts that will get rid of vibration. Or are there any tricks that will make the bike stop vibrating so much. I don't mind it that much, I would just be able too ride a lot longer if it didn't vibrate so much.

If it's just the normal two stroke vibes, you could try the twisted or flexx bars, bar inserts or a rubber mounted bar clamp.

Silicone caulk injected into the handlebars helps quell some of the vibes. Some of my buddies go so far as to cut the heads off of bolts and insert them into the handlebar, and caulk them into place for the additional weight to quell even more vibes.

Haha well it is blown up now. But I don't think it was mechanical, just normal 2 stroke vibration. I wonder if those bars make a big difference

Supposedly they make a huge difference from what I hear, but I've never tried them myself. Out of my price range.

If you had a bad spill would they bend though? Then there's 300$ down the drain

Carbon doesn't bend. It flexes until it snaps.

Cool I didn't know that... So they would snap off before they bent?

Yes, carbon will flex & flex & flex some more, but will not bend permanently. Instead, when they reach the "threshold" of the carbon matrix, they will break. Most people can feel them getting more "spongy" when they are nearing that "threshold".

Sweet I might have too try these along with a set of pro tapered tripple clamps wen I get some extra moolah!

start off with small, inexpensive changes like softer grips


I have a yz250 and struggled with vibration when i first got it


changed the grips over to pillowtops and it actually made a difference, so much so that i dont really need to do anything else

Yeah grips are a lot cheaper! I already have pro tapered pillowtops though... I put expandable foam on the inside of my bars also, which honestly helped a little bit

I would bet that the extreme vibration you were feeling b4 it "blew up" was due to an advanced timing condition causing detonation which makes these yz's vibrate like a bitch.  Check your ignition timing and make sure it is set to stock.  The only way you can get away with an advanced timing on these bikes is to run race fuel.  If you are running 91, then you must set the ignition timing to stock which is usually .007 degrees b4 TDC.  This detonation problem can shorten a topends' life tremendously.  what exactly happened to your bike when it "blew up"?  Have u inspected the damage yet? 

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Yes I have taken the top end off and the motor is out of the frame. The piston seized inside the cylinder. And it made the bearings in the crank go bad too. I already bought a wiseco crank... :/ but I'm sending my top end too Eric gorr soon. It should be back together in a couple months. And I could hear it ping, but I wasn't familiar with detonation until I started reading about it. I don't know how too set my timing yet either. But I have a manual so that should tell me.

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