Crf 70 or KTM 50? I know this has been beat to death! Hello everyone. I'm a dad of 2 great boys. My oldest is 12 and ready for an 85cc bike. My youngest will be 9 very soon and wants to follow in his big brothers foot steps. My youngest has never ridden a dirt bike before. He does have a 50cc atv that he loves to ride and has become very aggressive on that little thing lol. My biggest concern is a ktm 50 sx might be a bit too aggressive but a honda crf 70 may be a little boring? His big brother is all about catching air and getting hard in the corners. It's a clear case of monkey see monkey do haha. Any advice would be great. The reason for the thought of a ktm is the room to grow and simple upgrades and it's a new bike all over again. The honda I have heard will stop making the 70? And the 70 is just what it is. No frills, no adjust ment, and very little suspension.

I would go with the KTM. At 9, I had an xr70, and it got boring, fast. Especially if your son already rides atv's, he will have no problem transferring to dirt bikes

What about a 65. He will out grow the 50 fairly quick. I know its more power but once he rides it a couple times he will get used to and probably be faster in the end because of it.

honestly if he's 9 years old and already has some experience riding on a quad, i'd with an xr80 or a 65 2 stroke.  they might be a little more power then the bikes you are looking at but he will grow into them and stay interested for a lot longer then he would a 70 or 50. Also they can be de-tuned slightly at first for him to adjust to a bike.



I started on a 70 off brand bike, however i was 11. And it got boring within months then i made the transfer to a Ttr125 at 12  then at 15 years old i got a Trx450r. Now i'm 21 and just got a 2009 yz450f but enough about a history lesson in my life, lol    If he's already good for his age he will only continue to learn and grow, so it's best not to beat around the bush with things that he will get bored of soon.  

I moved my boy to a Ktm 65 just a month ago, he's 7. He had a crf50 modded w/ a big bore before hand, he transferred to the clutch very easily.

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