Clutches YZ426F

Hey guys to this forum but have gotten some good ideas from your posts.  Im looking into changing my clutches on my 2002 yz426f and im thinking Hinson high performance clutch kit and billet pressure plate.  Any thoughts before i take that plunge in costs.

Hinson makes an excellent product, and outside of the cost, there's nothing negative to say about any of it.  But the real area where they can improve things the best on a bang per buck basis is the clutch basket.  If your has a bunch of little dimples hammered into the thrust side of the basket fingers, a new Hinson basket will fix that cheaper than new and be more durable.


The Hinson pressure plate is more rigid than the OEM unit on that model, and usually helps the clutch release cleaner.  Not too expensive by comparison.  But the Yamaha clutch plates are hard to improve on, frankly, and I would use either those or the Hinsons, whichever cost less.

I actually have a forged anodized billet clutch basket from wiseco new in the box i was going to install with the new clutch kit and pressue plate...

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